The project REACT - Reinforcing Entrepreneurship in Adults through Communication Technologies is an Erasmus+. KA2 project for adult education, run by a consortium of 5 partners from 4 European Union countries - France, Netherlands, Italy and Finland. The innovative aspects of the project REACT consist on building capacity among disadvantaged adults and creating real life and efficient entrepreneurial learning for adults by using the community as a classroom.

Ecosystems of entrepreneurial learning are one of the first systematic attempts: to relocate education from the classroom to real life and society; to interacting with business, labour markets and the wider community; to empower education and offer such dynamic and innovation services; to include state of the art IT fluency for entrepreneurial learning.

The main objectives of the project are:

- Improving the adults’ awareness on lifelong learning paths
- Promoting among adults a better understanding of the entrepreneurship competence;
- Carrying out a sample survey of the best projects and tools about peer learning and -peer tutoring methods that already exist;
- Defining and testing innovative tools and practical methods that support adults to improve their entrepreneurial skills;
- Promoting an innovative tool for the certification of the entrepreneurship competence. 

The mission of the project is to train adults directly and to empower adult education and its key stakeholders: trainers and mentors.

Our target will be adults who live in poor areas with geographical obstacles (mountain, remote and rural areas, small villages far from city centres and cultural offers); unemployed people who do not participate in social life; adults with a migration background who need a support to integrate in their new host society; poor adults with low basic skills due to early drop-out of school; women as they are at risk-of-poverty more than men. Entrepreneurship competence will therefore be linked to empowerment which is crucial for a return to society with greater awareness of one’s abilities. 

The project pursues the following objectives: 

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