Coopérative d’activité et d’emploi Work In SCOP – Sc’Opara

As large companies are not present in Corsica, job offers are therefore rare or non-existent. In 2013, there were only 120 companies with more than 50 employees, barely 10 more than 250 employees, according to data provided by Gecodia. The economic structure of the island is thus made up mostly of very small enterprises, small farmers and producers, craftsmen and traders. Starting a business is sometimes the only way to enter the labour market, or the only solution to keep a job position. In this framework, Couveuse Corsica, with 7 staff members and 80 supported entrepreneurs, is a cooperative of general activities, specialized in promoting economic activities by supporting people who want to become entrepreneurs and enabling a full-scale test of the activity ensuring a high survival rate of business. It thus represents a transitional phase in the course of creating a company, benefiting from a real apprenticeship to become an entrepreneur (personalized advice, adapted and complete training program, coaching of activity, invoicing ...). Couveuse Corsica works in the field of social and solidarity economy and in tight partnership with State services, local and regional authorities for the implementation of policies related to employment, integration, training and more specifically those dedicated to the elopment of activities and enterprises. More generally, its activities are: - Coaching for creation and recovery of economic activity - Implementation of a transitional phase of testing an economic activity (6-18 months) by the Contract Project Support Company (known contract CAPE) - Monitoring of individual activity during test phase (accompanying accounting, advance management, implementation of research funding, with the creation of the company ...) - Follow-up after creation by the entrepreneur - Test of activity: business incubator (CREA V) - Funding of social and solidarity economy